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  • 1 in 4 of today’s 20 yr olds will become disabled before they retire.
  • A female 35 year old professional has a 24% chance of becoming disabled for 3 months or longer.
  • A male 35 year old professional has a 21% chance of the same.
  • For both, there’s a 38% chance the disability would last 5 years or longer, with the average duration being 82 months.

Source:  “Disability Statistics -” September 2021 

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Disability Insurance for Physicians
Disability Insurance for Physicians: A No-Nonsense Guide to Protecting Your Most Important Asset

A young physician’s most important asset isn’t an investment or real estate portfolio—it’s the ability to earn a good income performing your specialty. Potentially eight figures, this asset needs insurance. But insurance that truly protects your income and safeguards your quality of life isn’t easy to find.

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You Can Protect What’s Most Important To You and Your Family With Specialty Occupation Disability Insurance

The process may seem overwhelming, time-consuming, and confusing, but you can get the answers you need for the best coverage faster and easier than you think.

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“Billy is the person for disability insurance! He guided me through the purchase of my first policy with patience and a lot of explanations.

He is kind, respectful, and always available for questions. I would recommend his services to other medical professionals.”

Dr. Risa, Pediatric Dentistry

Choosing the Right Broker is Important

I know insurance processes are confusing and can feel impersonal, which is why I've dedicated my practice to solely serving physicians across the country.

That way, you receive personal attention and the best care because I focus on ensuring you get what you need. Purchasing insurance without the right information or guidance can mean you aren’t covered when you need it the most.

When we work together, I'll eliminate the guesswork, insure your assets are secure, and be available when you need me throughout your career.

Your needs will become my priority, guaranteed.

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“Billy Gwaltney is a pro at what he does and someone you can trust.
From our first call, he answered my questions and guided me through a foreign but essential process to protect my future. I am confident he will help you find the same security for your life.”

- Dr. Williams, Anesthesiologist

Working Together Means You Receive

A Streamlined Process and Concierge Service
Identify Your Needs
Together we’ll identify the best specialty occupation disability coverage for you at the lowest cost.
Secure Your Coverage
Once you’re ready to proceed, my team and I will guide you through the HIPAA-compliant electronic underwriting process.
Receive Ongoing Support
Throughout your career wherever you live, you’ll receive personalized care when you need to add coverage, file a claim, or anything else related to your insurance coverage.
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Nothing Is Certain Anymore. You Deserve To Stay Protected

Getting sick or injured without disability insurance could cost you more than you know. Don’t wait to get the coverage you need to keep yourself and those you love protected.
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“I have been working with Billy since my residency.
We planned to maximize the discounts available and even started two policies to lock in discounts at two companies. He has been very responsive when questions arise about renewals or policy changes. But more importantly, I chose to work with Billy because of his character.”

- Dr. Randy, Orthopedic Surgeon