Certainty Promise
Understand the best coverage for you
  • Together we identify the most efficient disability coverage for you at the lowest cost. 
  • True specialty own occupation definition of disability, vital riders and maximum discounts.
  • No added fees or other topics.
Specialist Connection
Together we map out a game plan
  • You'll communicate directly with Billy Gwaltney, President of PPG and disability insurance expert. 
  • Together you'll solidify the most important definitions for you and confirm the next steps.    
  • You'll receive the Team PPG's excellent proactive care always.
Easy Purchase
We guide you through the streamlined underwriting process
  • When you're ready to secure coverage, Team PPG guides you through the HIPAA-compliant electronic underwriting process.      
  • Quick access to Billy and Team PPG throughout.    
  • Our focus is to make the process easy wherever you are in the world.
PPG Lifetime Advantage
Your wants...our strengths
  • Once coverage is obtained we love providing concierge service to our clients over their entire career.    
  • You'll have direct personal access to Team PPG for any ongoing needs (adding coverage, changing an address, filing a claim, etc.).
  • Wherever you live in the world, we're committed to exceeding your expectations for you and your family.