Disability Insurance for Physicians: A No-Nonsense Guide to Protecting Your Most Important Asset

A young physician’s most important asset isn’t an investment or real estate portfolio—it’s the ability to earn a good income performing your specialty.

 Potentially eight figures, this asset needs insurance. But insurance that truly protects your income and safeguards your quality of life isn’t easy to find.

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"I have been a client of Billy’s since residency. He offers trustworthy advice, and his book reflects the way that he operates in real life - straight forward, knowledgeable and always in the best interest of the client. Thank you for your help over the years. Great book!"

Josh W. 5/5 star rating

Great guide for all physicians. Understanding disability insurance is incredibly important for protecting all the hard work we have put into obtaining our degrees. Billy is truly the expert on this topic and this book should be read a required read for all physicians leaving medical school.

Ryan Bromm 5/5 star rating

Mr. Gwaltney has distilled his knowledge and expertise into a concise and easy to read guide. Insurance is a product we need yet has wide variability in its quality and price (and those are NOT necessarily correlated!). The small investment of your time and money in this book to the gain basic foundational knowledge of something as paramount as disability insurance is priceless. At worst, you're out a few dollars. But much more likely, you will save hundreds, even thousands over your career in premiums, and if one day you unfortunately need your disability insurance, then perhaps by reading this you'll have found the type of policy that actually protects you and your family as it should.

Jake Sharp 5/5 star rating