"I have been working with Billy since my residency, and I have been completely satisfied with my experience.

We carefully planned to maximize the discounts available to residents before I graduated and even started two policies to lock in discounts at two companies. Since then, he has been immediately responsive by email and phone when questions arise about renewals or policy changes. Perhaps more importantly, I chose to work with Billy because of his character. He is a man of faith and family, which I value tremendously."

Dr. Randy, Orthopedic Surgeon

"Billy Gwaltney is a definite pro at what he does & someone w/ whom you can rest easily w/ complete trust.

 From my very first phone call w/ Billy, he patiently answered all of my questions & helped guide me through a foreign but very important process to protect my future. At all times, I felt Billy was really there for me trying to find the best fit for my needs, & never once did it seem he placed any interests above mine. I am confident that if you work w/ Billy, you too will find the same security for your life as I did."

-Dr. Williams, Anesthesiologist

"I purchased disability insurance through Billy Gwaltney in my last year of residency after being referred to him from more senior physicians.

Billy was very thorough and discussed all of the options. I went ahead and signed up for disability insurance simply as another thing to get done at the end of residency, never imagining that the details of the policy or the quality of the company would be important. Unfortunately, about a year and a half after residency I received a devastating and unexpected diagnosis and immediately needed to stop working and pursue treatment. Billy was tremendously helpful in explaining the policy and the process of making a claim. The policy turned out to be everything that I needed and the company was easy to work with. There were several crucial riders to the policy that ended up being almost as important as the policy itself which I would never have known to choose but thankfully Billy did. I am now working my way back to full time and Billy continues to help me and is always available to answer any questions. Having this disability policy has relieved a huge source of stress at a very difficult time and I am so thankful to Billy for having the foresight to recommend the company and policy that he did."

Dr. Kelly, Trauma Physician

"If I had to start the whole process over again, I would definitely go back to Billy Gwaltney for my insurance.

In fact, I did just that when I needed to buy life insurance. As a physician, I have a natural inclination for understanding disability insurance. After talking to several brokers, Billy earned my business by taking the time to educate me about the products and being patient with my numerous questions. Additionally, he was prompt and made the entire process as easy for me as it could be."

Dr. Williams, Emergency Physician

"Billy has been excellent at providing me with answers and help in a very timely manner.

I feel very fortunate to have "found" him while still in training. He helped me understand my options and explained everything. I feel confident that I am in good hands and trust his advice. I highly recommend Billy's expertise to anyone."

Dr. Wilson, Radiologist

"I shop around quite a bit with before I buy anything.

One thing that I quickly learned while looking into disability insurance is that the only difference between multiple insurance specialists is just the broker him/herself. There are only a very select few insurance companies that offer what plans we really need as doctors and typically the rates don't change between insurance brokers. I 100% recommend Billy and am super happy that I found him online. First and foremost, he actually cares about his clients and is always available. A simple text or email to him and he replies almost immediately. Just recently, he called me on my birthday asking how I was doing and sent me a Christmas card. Seriously, who does that?!?! Secondly, he is full of the crucial knowledge that we as physicians just don't have a grasp on when it comes to all the important riders that a true-own-occupation disability policy needs to have. He never tried to up-sell me anything, but rather took the time to explain each option clearly so that I could make my own informed decisions. I even bought my life insurance through him since it was so easy to get set up. Without any hesitation, I recommend going with Billy. My family's future is secure no matter what may happen thanks to his help."

Dr. Christian, Orthopedic Surgeon

"When my wife and I first met Billy, it was to obtain disability insurance for her.

Soon after the first meeting, we realized that my plan with a different carrier wasn't even close to as good and that I needed to switch. From there on, Billy has helped us with disability insurance, life insurance, and has been available to answer questions pertaining to everything from insurance to retirement planning. He is available, affable, and always willing to answer questions -- just wish more people in his line of work were so trustworthy! He gets our highest recommendation and we have already sent a few of our friends his way!"

Dr. Crowner, Vascular Surgeon

"Billy Gwaltney was recommended to me by a friend, and time and again, I am very glad I received that recommendation.

Billy has impeccable knowledge about physician disability insurance plans, and he helps you to navigate through the information with great skill. Billy is highly accessible, and he is incredibly responsive to any requests. I really cannot imagine working with anyone else for my life or disability insurance needs. I cannot endorse him highly enough!"

Dr. Wesley, Infectious Diseases Physician

Billy is the person for disability insurance!

He helped to guide me through the purchase of my first policy with patience and a lot of explanations. He is kind and respectful and always available for any questions. I would no doubt recommend his services to other medical professionals. It has been a pleasure getting to work with Billy!

Dr. Risa, Pediatric Dentistry

"Billy has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He is always friendly, punctual and very flexible with his schedule.

At the time of our first meeting, I knew very little about disability insurance. He was very patient and thorough in explaining the different products out there. I genuinely felt he was working in best interest to identify a policy that best fits my family’s needs as opposed to trying to sell me the most expensive product available. I trust Billy and have since used his services for my life insurance and for my wife’s disability insurance as well. I would certainly recommend him without hesitation."

Dr. Manousos, Pediatrician

"I met Billy over 4 years ago when I was finishing my OBGYN residency.

He took the time to explain the pros and cons of disability insurance without making me feel pressured to purchase any. Ultimately, I decided to purchase a policy that fit with my budget and goals at the time. Since then, Billy has stayed in contact with me and has always been available to answer any new questions as they arise. His honesty, availability, and genuine concern for my financial security has ensured my customer loyalty. I have recommended him to many of my friends and do so again now."

Dr. Myers, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

"I met Billy Gwaltney while I was a fellow in NC.

He explained to me the reasons and benefits of having disability insurance. His approach was excellent and customer service superb. Not only did I buy disability, I purchased life insurance through him as well. He is always available, and despite my returning back to Connecticut to practice, we are still in touch. Any questions I have, he returns calls or emails promptly. I wish more people in the sales industry could be like Billy. Give him a try as you will not be disappointed. I give him my highest recommendation."

Dr. Verdura, Minimally Invasive General, Bariatric and Robotic Surgery

"I chose to work with Billy based on word of mouth.

There is a leap of faith required when working with an insurance professional. You have to be able to trust that the person you are working with is an expert and that he or she has your interest and security at heart. With Billy, I never doubted that. He works hard on my behalf and does not allow my busy life to prevent me from making sure that I am protected." 

Dr. Pyle, Plastic Surgeon


"I have worked with Billy for a while now and can confirm he knows disability insurance inside and out.

I have a good financial plan but needed to be sure that if I became sick or hurt and couldn’t work, my family’s financial situation would still be solid. Billy helped me get exactly what I needed at the right (discounted) cost. He’s very responsive and flexible with scheduling, which is important to a physician. He has been great at looking at my current position on an annual basis and making changes as my needs change. He’s also friendly and easy to talk with. I have recommended him to colleagues and would recommend him to anyone needing occupation specific disability coverage."

Dr. Levy, Pediatric Urologic Surgeon


"During my residency, Billy got me pointed in the right direction financially as a new doctor, and I have continued to rely on him for sound advice after starting my career on Guam.

Billy seems to understand the needs of physicians-in-training, and has a relaxed and thoughtful approach. I was seeking an advisor to help me with disability insurance after hearing from Dave Ramsey and others how important it is to have disability insurance beyond what your employer provides. Many young physicians don't realize how financially vulnerable they are. After being over-sold by other brokers, I fortunately found Billy. I highly recommend his services to any medical professional."

Dr. Hale, Neurologist and Sleep Physician

"As a physician, husband, and father, disability insurance is vital for my family’s security.

The decision process involved in choosing the right plan was simplified and put my mind at ease thanks to Billy. I was immediately comfortable around Billy as we met in my office to discuss the potential options. Billy made the process simple, easy to understand, and has provided the highest level of customer service every step of the way. I can easily recommend Billy Gwaltney without hesitation."

Dr. Maxey, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

"We have both worked with Billy for the past 6 years.

We have since moved to 3 different states and have been in contact with Billy throughout. He has continued to provide excellent advice and updates regarding disability insurance. He is prompt in his replies, accommodates our busy schedules, and is always reliable. We have recommended and will continue to recommend him to our family and friends."

Dr. Cao, Emergency Medicine & Dr. Cao, Ophthalmologist

"Billy, I feel amazingly comfortable working with you.

Insurance plans like ours are big $ and all we want is to make sure that should we (and hope never to) need to use the coverage, that someone like you will hold our hand through the process. Over the years you've worked with me, I have come to know that I have NO DOUBT that you will be that kind of friend. Thank you."

Dr. Azar, Orthopedic Surgeon

"Billy has been great to work with over the past 5 years for disability and life insurance.

Very honest, responsive and knowledgeable about insurance. He always takes his time to answer all my questions thoroughly in a way that I can understand. His schedule is flexible and he always makes time to talk with me. This is important because of me being on the west coast and the time difference. I highly recommend his services regardless of your location."

Dr. Bromm, Pediatrician


"I have really enjoyed working with Billy.

I started working with him before I finished residency. He was incredibly flexible and willing to find a time and place that worked for me. He respected the knowledge I already had and filled in gaps in a humble, nonjudgmental manner. I had such trust in him after purchasing an own-occupation disability policy that I asked for his help in purchasing a term life policy as well. Billy never placed an ounce of pressure on me to purchase anything. I am thrilled to have found someone who puts my financial health and asset protection as his top priority. I have highly recommended Billy to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so."

Dr. Hunter, Family Physician