Picking the right disability coverage provider is a big deal.


Because they'll be your safety net when times get tough, and you'll be paying them for a long time.

Make sure it's a wise investment.

Join me in this episode as I reveal the top companies we recommend, along with what to watch out for. Plus, I'll share two more alternatives if you can't access the top four.

Tune in now!

Show Highlights Include:

The Ultimate Disability Coverage: 4 Companies You Can't Afford to Overlook (Warning: Choosing Otherwise Could Cost You Thousands) (1:05)

Choose this company if you expect to have an exception during the lifetime of your policy (Note: no other company will let you add changes to your policy) (1:54)

Want the lower rates on your policy? Choose THIS! (This will save you a fortune on premiums over the years…) (2:15)

Medical screenings are a concern? Can’t pick among the 4 companies? Here are 2 more companies you can pick (3:55)

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Billy Gwaltney

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