When physicians reach out to me about disability policies, they always ask what types of disability policies are available.

There are two different types. But even though they’re both considered disability policies, one works in your favor and you may be forced to pay back your benefits with the other one.

In this episode, you’ll discover the two types of disability policies, and which one you should choose for the maximum benefit.

Listen now.

Show highlights:

The 2 types of disability policies (and how to pick the best one for you) (0:49) 

The “adverse selection” reason for why group LTD policies restrict your benefits (3:14) 

Why you might be forced to pay back your disability benefits if you sign up for the group LTD policy (6:12) 

How to get paid your full disability policy (even after landing another job) (7:19)

Billy  Gwaltney

Billy Gwaltney

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