Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset unlocks unfair advantages.

Not only does it save your most valuable assets (time and money), but it also makes you more credible in your patients' eyes. In fact, this can make you the top choice in your entire market.

But how can you embrace an entrepreneurial mindset as a physician?

In this episode, I reveal how to think like a business owner, and revel in the  unexpected benefits that thinking like an entrepreneur unlocks.

Want to save time, cut costs, and become the most in-demand physician in your market?

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

The ONE simple mindset shift that can help you think more like an entrepreneur and earn more by as soon as next week  (1:58)

Why having an entrepreneurial mindset helps you better serve your patients (and helps you pay off your student debt in half the time) (3:45)

How to position yourself as the #1 physician in your area and make patients line up around the block to see you (5:33)

The counterintuitive reason why a lot of physicians end up becoming entrepreneurs without realizing (and how not using this fact to their advantage is costing them time, money & credibility) (6:24)

Billy  Gwaltney

Billy Gwaltney

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