Should I Choose the Benefit Increase Rider (BIR) or Future Increase Option (FIO)?

Are you a physician wondering whether you should choose the Benefit Increase Rider (BIR) or Future Increase Option (FIO) for your policy? In this episode of the Cover Your Assets podcast, Billy Gwaltney dives into the pros and cons of each option. He breaks down the guidelines and requirements for both riders and explains how they can affect your coverage and cost. Whether you prioritize flexibility or cost-efficiency, this episode will help you decide on your insurance needs. 

Episode Highlights: 

Billy explains how BIR and FIO riders allow you to increase coverage in the future without redoing medical screenings. (1:06) 

The differences between the BIR and the FIO, and how they can both lead to maximum coverage based on your income. (3:52) 

The BIR requirements and guidelines, including updating your income and accepting additional coverage you qualify for. (5:22) 

The flexibility of the FIO, which allows you to increase your coverage anytime and by any amount, without adhering to a specific schedule. (6:58) 

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