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There are two ways to retire as a physician: you can either retire sitting on a pile of assets you’re afraid to touch, or you can enjoy life, knowing your finances are secure no matter what happens to you.

If you want to belong to the second camp, this is the episode for you.

Today we’re joined for the second installment of Kyle Christensen’s 2-part interview on financial planning.

In this episode, you’ll discover the 3 investing rules that help you plan your finances for maximum wealth. Plus, you’ll find out what kind of life insurance policy gives you the most peace of mind as you advance through your career.

Tune in now!

Show Highlights Include:

Do you know your maximum life insurance? If not, listen now. It could save your spouse’s quality of life when you croak (0:35)

The 3 types of life insurance, which one is cheapest, and which to get if you want the biggest payout possible (6:11)

Why self-insuring is almost always a costly mistake (even if it seems cost-effective on the surface) (10:43)

The surprising “life enjoyment” benefits of keeping an active life insurance policy after retirement (16:51)

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