When it comes to you and your disability insurance, words matter. Specifically the policy language that defines your occupation. How this part of the policy is worded can make the difference between the insurance company paying you during a disability, or leaving you high and dry on a technicality.

In this episode, Billy discusses how this definition should be worded and common pitfalls that doctors like you need to be aware of when it comes to disability insurance.

Highlights from this episode include:

Why the wrong occupational definition could bankrupt you and your family (1:46)

How to continue earning a living, even when you can’t practice your specialty… And still, keep your insurance benefits (2:41)

Is the policy provided by your employer good enough? Not if it doesn’t have this specific feature (3:12)

The commonly misunderstood emotional cost of disability and how to protect yourself from mental breakdown (4:45)

If your policy has this common definition of your occupation, you’re heading for financial ruin (5:34)