You're a busy physician. You barely have time to think, let alone worry about things like disability insurance policies.

But the wrong policy could mean the difference between being able to support your family and losing everything if you can't work due to an illness or injury.

That's why we're here to help.

In this episode, you'll get a 30-minute rundown of the policy spreadsheet, so you never have to wonder again if you're getting the best coverage for you and your family.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

Why there are only 4 policies that cover you fully (even if there are hundreds to choose from) (3:54) 

Prevent your insurance company from decreasing your coverage by looking for these 2 terms in your contract (4:57) 

Why an extra 90-day “nest egg” can slash your insurance premium (6:55) 

How to keep working after you claim disability insurance without sacrificing your payout (7:47) 

How to lock in a “trainee” discount (even if you want to increase your coverage as an attending) (12:27) 

A loophole with AmerUs that lets you profit from minor injuries (even if you got the injury skiing, and even if you can still work) (19:25) 

The “good health benefit” that pays you sooner in the event of a disability (20:58) 

To ask questions on insurance coverage or to get a quote, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime at 704-270-2376, and I’d be glad to discuss your specific situation with you.

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