As a physician, long-term disability insurance is a must. And as your salary increases, you’ll need to increase your coverage as well to match your income.

But navigating insurance policies can be a nightmare. With so many different options, it takes forever to cut through the clutter and pick the best fit for you.

To help you decide, Billy explores the best policies on the market. Tune in as we take a closer look at the coverage increase rider that comes with the MassMutual specialty disability policy.

Show Highlights Include

The #1 reason you must consider getting a private policy for your coverage early in your career(0:52)

Two ways MassMutuals allow you to increase your coverage (and how to choose the best fit for you) (1:33)

The two exceptions to your Benefit Increase Rider that allow you to upgrade your insurance coverage early (4:36)

The "gotcha" clause that can cancel your Benefit Increase Rider (and what you need to do to keep it) (5:04)

Why paying extra for the  Future Insurability Option is better for high earners (6:02)

How to pick a policy if you’re planning to move to another state (7:53)

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