What is the Future Insurability Option?

  A common question we’re asked is, “What is a future insurability option?” A future insurability option is a rider on a disability policy that allows you to increase your coverage in the future as your income increases. Structured properly, this rider gives you the right to this additional coverage without any further medical underwriting. In addition, this additional coverage should contain the same specialty occupation definition of disability as the original purchase amount. And lastly, any discounts contained in the original purchase amount should also be included in the future insurability amounts….

What makes residual benefit important?

We are often asked “What is a residual benefit and what makes it important?” Being residually disabled is often defined as having a loss of earnings because of an illness or injury, yet still working in your job because you’re not totally disabled. In a disability policy, a residual benefit rider is designed to provide supplemental income to a partially disabled person who is still working. It pays if you are residually (or partially) disabled, unable to work at full capacity and suffer a loss of income of 15 to 20 percent or…

I shop around quite a bit with before I buy anything. One thing that I quickly learned while looking into disability insurance is that the only difference between multiple insurance specialists is just the broker him/herself. There are only a very select few insurance companies that offer what plans we really need as doctors and typically the rates don't change between insurance brokers. I 100% recommend Billy and am super happy that I found him online. First and foremost, he actually cares about his clients and is always available. A simple text or email to him and he replies almost immediately. Just recently, he called me on my birthday asking how I was doing and sent me a Christmas card. Seriously, who does that?!?! Secondly, he is full of the crucial knowledge that we as physicians just don't have a grasp on when it comes to all the important riders that a true-own-occupation disability policy needs to have. He never tried to up-sell me anything, but rather took the time to explain each option clearly so that I could make my own informed decisions. I even bought my life insurance through him since it was so easy to get set up. Without any hesitation, I recommend going with Billy. My family's future is secure no matter what may happen thanks to his help.

-Dr. Christian, Orthopaedic Surgeon

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