What is the Future Insurability Option?

  A common question we’re asked is, “What is a future insurability option?” A future insurability option is a rider on a disability policy that allows you to increase your coverage in the future as your income increases. Structured properly, this rider gives you the right to this additional coverage without any further medical underwriting. In addition, this additional coverage should contain the same specialty occupation definition of disability as the original purchase amount. And lastly, any discounts contained in the original purchase amount should also be included in the future insurability amounts….

What makes residual benefit important?

We are often asked “What is a residual benefit and what makes it important?” Being residually disabled is often defined as having a loss of earnings because of an illness or injury, yet still working in your job because you’re not totally disabled. In a disability policy, a residual benefit rider is designed to provide supplemental income to a partially disabled person who is still working. It pays if you are residually (or partially) disabled, unable to work at full capacity and suffer a loss of income of 15 to 20 percent or…

Billy is the person for disability insurance! He helped to guide me through the purchase of my first policy with patience and a lot of explanations. He is kind and respectful and always available for any questions. I would no doubt recommend his services to other medical professionals. It has been a pleasure getting to work with Billy!

-Dr. Risa, Pediatric Dentistry

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