What others are saying about working with Billy Gwaltney

Billy Gwaltney’s focus is providing specialty occupation disability insurance protection for physicians. His firm serves hundreds of clients from coast to coast, and he’s been in the insurance business since 1991. Here’s what one client said about Billy: “I met Billy over 6 years ago when I was finishing my OBGYN residency. He took the time to explain disability insurance without making me feel pressured to purchase. His honesty, availability, and genuine concern for my financial security has ensured my customer loyalty. I have recommended him to many of my friends.” An orthopedic…

How much life insurance should you have?

A question we’re commonly asked is how much life insurance should I have? There are three primary approaches to calculate how much life insurance to buy. The first approach is mirroring your colleagues/friends. Ask around to find out how much others have and buy a similar amount. This is the easiest approach but often results in too little coverage. The second approach is buying a multiple of income. Insurance companies will offer up to 25 times someone’s annual income in life insurance. But this approach still works off of an estimation and not…

I have worked with Billy for a while now and can confirm he knows disability insurance inside and out. I have a good financial plan but needed to be sure that if I became sick or hurt and couldn’t work, my family’s financial situation would still be solid. Billy helped me get exactly what I needed at the right (discounted) cost. He’s very responsive and flexible with scheduling, which is important to a physician. He has been great at looking at my current position on an annual basis and making changes as my needs change. He’s also friendly and easy to talk with. I have recommended him to colleagues and would recommend him to anyone needing occupation specific disability coverage.

-Dr. Levy, Pediatric Urologic Surgeon

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