What happens to my Disability Insurance if I recover and return to work?

An important question to consider is, “What happens to my disability insurance if I medically recover from a disability but my income does not ‘recover’?” According to the Council for Disability Awareness, the average length of disability for professionals is 82 months. Once someone is no longer medically disabled, most group and even individual disability policies stop paying benefits right away or shortly thereafter. The problem with this is a person’s income often does not return to its pre-disability level. In some cases it may never return. This is why it’s vital to have…

How Do I Know If My Policy Really Contains The True Specialty Definition of Disability?

An important question to answer with certainty is, “How do I know if my policy, in fact, has the true specialty definition of disability. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding this issue. The true specialty definition of disability contains two components. First, you’re considered to be disabled if due to illness or injury you’re unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation at time of claim. If you’re a physician or dentist, your occupation can mean a specific, professionally recognized specialty or subspecialty. AND second, you can earn any amount…

I have worked with Billy for a while now and can confirm he knows disability insurance inside and out. I have a good financial plan but needed to be sure that if I became sick or hurt and couldn’t work, my family’s financial situation would still be solid. Billy helped me get exactly what I needed at the right (discounted) cost. He’s very responsive and flexible with scheduling, which is important to a physician. He has been great at looking at my current position on an annual basis and making changes as my needs change. He’s also friendly and easy to talk with. I have recommended him to colleagues and would recommend him to anyone needing occupation specific disability coverage.

-Dr. Levy, Pediatric Urologic Surgeon

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