What is the ‘Specialty Occupation’ Definition of Disability?

A question we’re commonly asked is,“What is the ‘specialty occupation’ definition of disability? This states that you’re totally disabled, if due to illness or injury, you’re unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation at time of claim. If you’re a physician or dentist, your occupation can mean a specific, professionally recognized specialty or subspecialty. This definition allows you to earn any amount of income from a different job while on claim and continue to receive full policy benefits. For example, a surgeon becomes disabled because of a back problem…

Why do I have to go through medical underwriting to get specialty disability insurance?

You might be wondering, “Why do I have to go through medical underwriting to obtain specialty disability insurance?” Medical underwriting approval is what allows insurance companies to provide the premiere specialty disability coverage at an affordable and often discounted premium. Specialty disability coverage is the best coverage available. Structured properly, it’s relatively black and white…if you cannot perform your specific occupation due to illness or injury, you receive benefits. Most group long-term disability policies are required to cover all employees regardless of health. So the less healthy people are combined into the same…

I chose to work with Billy based on word of mouth. There is a leap of faith required when working with an insurance professional. You have to be able to trust that the person you are working with is an expert and that he or she has your interest and security at heart. With Billy, I never doubted that. He works hard on my behalf and does not allow my busy life to prevent me from making sure that I am protected.

-Dr. Pyle, Plastic Surgeon

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